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Digital Foot Scanner

Foot Leveler's digital scanner can communicate immediately to a Chiropractor an image of a patients feet and a visual representation of any related problems. Foot Levelers relies on the data to fit and manufacture its orthotics.
The digital scanner lets the Chiropractor examine your feet and each foot's three arches, then shows you a color photo of your feet where you may have issues that could effect the rest of your body, and if you need recommended Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers, custom made just for you!

To see how well supported your feet are, a digital scan using the Foot Levelers scan, can be done on the feet within a minute. The scan helps the Doctor of Chiropractic to screen for imbalances that contribute to problems in a number of places, like the knees, hips and low back - even if your feet don't hurt!

From the digital foot scan, any areas of abnormal pressure can be seen which could show an imbalance distrubution of weight between the feet indicating a fatigue of one of the three arches in the foot.