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Dr, Kaitlyn Handley

We are excited to welcome Dr. Kaitlyn Handley to the Craft Chiropractic Wellness Centers family. She will be working in the Wyoming, Michigan office.

Dr. Kaitlyn is from Western Kentucky. Dr. Kaitlyn graduated valedictorian from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While attending Palmer, she was exposed to techniques such as diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, instrument, and extremity adjusting. Dr. Kaitlyn also sought extra training in SOT methods. SOT methods is a technique focusing on the treatment of subluxations in the spine and balancing the head over the pelvis, decreasing the nerve interference to the body. SOT methods also includes reflexive visceral therapy, used to treat conditions such as ADHD, concussions, dizziness, headaches, sleep disturbances, sinus infections, jaw pain, and much more. This variety in her training gives Dr. Kaitlyn treatment options, allowing her to personalize the treatment of each individual patient to get the best results.

Dr. Kailtyn enjoys seeing patients of all ages, though she has a passion for working with children and special needs population. She is eager to serve the area of Grand Rapids, helping to improve the heath and well-being of those living here !